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Code of Conduct

Access411 has adopted this Code of Conduct to affirm our corporate policy of conducting our business and operations according to both the law and the highest standards of business conduct and our provision of products and services according to the highest ethical standards.

  1. All of our employees and other representatives are required to comply fully with all laws and regulations that affect us and our customers. Whenever the application of a law or regulation is uncertain, we will obtain the guidance and advice of legal counsel or obtain other expert advice as appropriate.
  2. Our customers are entitled to receive our highest level of service at all times. We provide products and services to our customers based upon their needs and applicable laws and regulations.
  3. We interact with government officials and other government personnel only to meet our obligations under applicable law or regulations. Such contacts must never cast doubt on our integrity or suggest that we are attempting to exert undue influence.
  4. We keep accurate and reliable corporate records that disclose all disbursements and other transactions to which Access411 is a party. We are committed to making accurate government filings about disbursements or other transactions that concern us or our customers.
  5. Our employees are expected to give their undivided loyalty in performing their duties for Access411.

The Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Conduct to apply to Access411. All employees and other Access411 representatives are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct in performing any duty on behalf of Access411.