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CAASS 9.4: Web-Based Administration

CAASS Release 9.4, the latest Next Generation CAASS release, includes a web-based administration platform to manage and configure your school district.

CAASS 9.4 contains all the features and functions of previous CAASS releases, albeit they may be presented in a different manner, and includes many new enhancements.

Take a look below at CAASS by just clicking on each screen shot.


CAASS 9.4 is a Microsoft .NET application that uses all of the latest Microsoft platform tools. It's designed to run in the latest Microsoft environment including Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

See CAASS 9.4's Menu

This new Release of CAASS is a web-based application, but has certain features that normal web applications typically do not have; such as automatic resizing of all grids and the ability to go completely full screen eliminating the Browser toolbar, which gives the users more real estate to work use.

CAASS 9.4 is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

CAASS 9.4 Goes Full Screen

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CAASS 9.4 Different Looks