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VPP: Process

1) Ask the visitor for their driver's license or state issued ID.
2) Scan the visitor's driver's license or state ID through the driver's license scanner.
3) Visitor's demographic information is automatically imported into Visitor Pass Plus.
4) Take a recent photograph of the visitor by simply clicking the "Take Recent Photo" button.
5) The Webcam snaps a photo of the visitor.
6) Ask the visitor to sign the signature pad to capture a signature. (Optional)
7) Select the purpose of their visit and who they will be visiting.
8) Choose whether or not you would like to check the visitor against a registry like the National Sex Offenders Registry.
9) Select the visitor badge template you would like to use.
10) Print the visitor badge.
11) Scan the barcode on the visitor badge when the visitor departs to accurately record the time.