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Visitor Pass Plus
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 VPP Reports

 CAASS Mobile

 Printing Supplies
 ID Cards

Some of the Instant Benefits of CAASS

  • Access-Control
  • Student Identification and Verification
  • Keep Suspended Students Out
  • Automated Late Passes
  • Works with bar-coded ID card, Proximity Card, Smart Card, and Biometrics
  • Control Hallways
  • Unlimited ID card Design
  • Print Temporary ID’s
  • Control Access into the Cafeteria
  • Meal-Code Determination
  • Gymnasium/Locker Room Access-Control
  • Manage and Distribute Textbooks
  • Notify Parents or Guardians with the AutoDialer
  • Control and Record Visitors to the School
  • Automate Attendance Collection
  • Manage Student Discipline at the Doorway
  • Create a Safer Learning Environment
  • So Much More!!!