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The Comprehensive Attendance Administration and Security System or “CAASS”, which it is commonly referred to; provides access-control and attendance collection to schools across the nation. CAASS incorporates today’s technologies with best practices to create a safer learning environment. Not only does CAASS inflict accountability on students it allows more time for school administrators and teachers to focus on educating rather then policing.

CAASS has gone through many iterations of itself and has been built and enhanced upon suggestions and recommendations of current CAASS users. You might say that the users of the system have engineered the system to contain the functionality it offers today.

CAASS is a turn-key solution, that when sold contains everything a school or district needs to operate the system.

  • All hardware and software
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Supplies
  • Ongoing support
  • System maintenance 

CAASS is offered in many varieties and options depending on the goals of the customer and size of the school. The CAASS hardware look can be modified to meet the customer’s needs and the software is flexible enough to work in any environment.