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CAASS Mobile

CAASS Mobile provides a way for users to access CAASS information and perform CAASS functions from handheld devices with Internet or wireless access. (Some older devices with older web browsers may not be compatible)

With the use of a smart phone, Blackberry, PDA, Tablet, or even a PC with Internet or wireless access to the CAASS server will be able to perform CAASS functions from a mobile device.


CAASS Mobile has two modes, Hallway and Time Scan. Hallway Mode will allow users the ability to access the CAASS database while away from their office. Hallway Mode offers the following:

  • Look up a student by searching by name or student ID or by scanning a student’s ID card. (Proper hardware required)
    • Will display a student’s current status and the current class they should be in at that time.
    • Display the student’s photo
    • Will display demographic information
    • Will display Parent or Guardian information including contact information
    • Have the ability to view the student’s entire class schedule
    • Can view the student’s attendance history including the ability to filter the information. Includes cumulative summary data
    • View the student’s class attendance history. Including the cumulative summary
  • The functionality to access the Merits/Demerits Module of CAASS.
    • Create Merits and Demerits.
    • View past Merit or demerit history.
    • Sort and search past Merits and Demerits.
  • Add Incidents for student(s) right from the mobile device.
    • Add incidents for students and assign penalties for those incidents.
    • View a student’s incident history.
    • Can sort a student’s incidents to only view the incidents with current active alerts.
  • Create Class Cuts.
    • Specify if a class cut is excused or unexcused.
    • View a student’s cumulative class cuts.

Timestamp Scanning Mode has the same functionality as the Timestamp Scanning Mode in ScanStation, only this is performed from a handheld. Timestamp Scanning essentially allows for the recording of students for such things as events, hall sweeps, bathroom monitoring or whatever needs a school may have for recording when a student were to scan somewhere.

Timestamp Scanning mode on CAASS Mobile can record a scan by either scanning a student’s ID card (Proper hardware required) or manually searching for a student by name or student ID and creating a Timestamp scan record for them. All Timestamp scans created in CAASS Mobile will be available with all other Timestamp scan data within the CAASS database. Timestamp scans created within CAASS Mobile will be designated by tagging the record by displaying that it was created on a handheld.


Hardware: Mobile device with Internet access or wireless access using 802.11 b/g.

Examples: Smart phone, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Palm

Network: Cellular service with access through school/district network to the CAASS Server. Wireless 802.11 b/g requires wireless coverage within the school or district to gain access to the CAASS Server. Access may require network configuration changes.

Future Functionality

In the future, CAASS Mobile will contain more of the functionality of CAASS. CAASS Mobile will contain areas such as Electronic Daily Class Roster (EDCR) where the mobile device will be able to take classroom attendance. Textbook Manager will be able to be utilized through CAASS Mobile and even Access Scanning. There are no set release dates for these additions but keep checking back for additional updates.