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The CAASS ScanStation provides schools a proven way to electronically identify and track students throughout the school day. The CAASS ScanStation is made up of hardware and ScanStation software. The ScanStation software consists of six different modes.

ScanStations are made up of hardware that is both rugged in nature and high quality. All hardware that is needed for the ScanStation to operate is included.

  • Laptop
  • Thermal printer
  • ID card reader
  • Mobile cart
  • Speakers
  • Extension cord
  • Surge protectors

There are some optional hardware components that can be included as well.

  • Lockdowns
  • UPS battery backups
  • Multiple ID card readers
  • USB hub

Students are identified by swiping their ID card through the ID card reader attached to the ScanStation. A typical scan of an ID card takes less than 0.3 seconds. The CAASS ScanStation is compatible with multiple ID card types.

  • Bar-coded ID cards
  • Smart Cards (RFID)
  • Magnetic Stripe cards

Students that have forgotten their ID card or for some reason don’t have their ID card with them can quickly be manually entered into the system to be identified. Temporary ID’s can be produced immediately for students that don’t have their ID cards.

ScanStation Features

  • Physical access control
  • Operate with or without network connectivity
  • Scan entire student population in minutes
  • Create automated attendance records with a swipe of the ID card
  • Identify suspended students at the entry way
  • Create late passes and temporary ID’s in seconds
  • Audible and visual alerts for associated infractions
  • Customize audible alerts
  • Mobile for convenience

ScanStation 9.4 Features

  • Scan Students’ cards and manually enter students that don’t have an ID card simultaneously
  • Many more student photos can fit on the screen * Actual number of students will vary depending on LCD screen resolution size
  • Better graphical user interface for better user experience
  • Data Synchronization has been streamlined and shrunk compared to previous versions
  • Multiple scanners may be connected to the ScanStations
  • Provides access control into and out of events
  • Scan students in/out of school as many times as needed- Integrates with CAASS releases, including early releases, mid-day releases, late arrival and full releases, and with ScanPoint