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Visitor Pass Plus

Visitor Pass Plus is Access411’s latest software package and is on the leading edge of Visitor Management Systems. Visitor Pass Plus is an electronic visitor pass management system that encompasses the best aspects of today's technologies.

Visitor Pass Plus incorporates such accessories as an electronic signature pad that can store the visitor’s signature as another method of visitor identification. The Visitor Pass Plus Driver's License Scanner can read any driver's license or a state issued photo id card in all 50 states. The Driver's License Scanner verifies a person’s identity and automatically transfers all the information off of the visitor's license or ID directly into Visitor Pass Plus. This cuts down on the manual inputting of the visitor's demographic information and cuts down on mistakes. In addition Visitor Pass Plus includes a barcode scanner that is used to easily capture the arrival time and departure time of a visitor. A thermal printer is included to print the visitor badge. Visitor badges can be created on time expiring labels as another level of building safety.

Visitor Pass Plus either works with CAASS or can be its own stand-alone product. Integrated with the CAASS System, Visitor Pass Plus accesses the CAASS database to determine registered student guardians to ensure the validity of the person coming to visit or get a student released from school. Visitor Pass Plus shows all approved guardians of the student requested and then stores all of the visitors information in a database for history or to provide reporting.

Visitor Pass Plus allows the operator to access the National Sex Offender Public Registry and look up anyone wanting to gain access into the building.


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