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ID Cards Depot

The ID Cards Depot is a new service offered by the makers of the CAASS System, Access411. The ID Cards Depot is a full-service ID card producer. If your school or business is looking for PVC ID cards for identification purposes then the ID Card Depot is for you.

The process is very simple. For a school we just need a demographics file and the photographs that associate to a specific student. For example, if your school has a John Smith we should have John Smith’s student ID number in the demographics file and John Smith’s photo should be named "studentid.jpg".

We offer both single-sided and dual-sided card layouts and cards can be created in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Cards can be created using school colors and your school’s logo. Optionally, all ID cards regardless of layout or orientation may be hole-punched.

If your school or school district is interested in the CAASS System and see the possibility of implementing CAASS in the future, the ID Cards Depot can serve as a stepping stone to CAASS. All ID cards created by the ID Cards Depot will be compatible with the CAASS System and can be used when it comes time to implement the CAASS System.

All reissues will be intended as replacements for the previously printed ID cards. The minimum reissue quantity is 20 cards. Upon your initial order we will supply you with 10 temporary ID’s for every 500 ID cards you order that can be used as a stop-gap while awaiting your reissue delivery. If you believe you will need additional temporary ID's, please note that on the order sheet and they will be provided to you at a minimal charge.


Getting your own ID cards made the way you want them is both affordable and simple at the ID Cards Depot. If you just follow this very simple procedure you will get your cards exactly how you want them and in a timely fashion.

1) Make sure you review our Ordering Instructions thoroughly.

2) Print out the Order Form.

3) Fill out the Order Form. Be sure to refer to the Ordering Instructions for any questions.

4) Please fax or email a completed Order Form and Payment Sheet.

5) Please refer to the Single-Sided or Dual Sided pricing guides to find the pricing. Discounts may be available.

6) Once we receive your Order Form, a Customer Service agent will be emailing you either FTP or Shipping instructions along with a quote or invoice, depending on your payment method. Please make sure on the Order Form you select the correct method to send your files.

7) If you chose an FTP Transfer you will receive an email back from a Customer Service agent with information on how to complete the FTP transfer.

8) Once we receive your demographic file, photographs and possibly a logo we will create a proof of your ID card and either email or fax it to you, depending on your preference.

9) Once you receive the proof and if it is to your satisfaction, sign and date it and either fax or email it back to us. If it is not to your satisfaction, we ask that you call us so we can discuss what changes you wish made. When changes our completed and the proof is to your satisfaction you will sign the proof and send it back to us.

10) Once your ID card order is completed in full, we will then ship your order to you. Please see Shipping for more information.

11) When you need reissues (replacements or additions) you will simply visit our website and fill out the Re-Issue Order Form and send it to us. If you are changing your previous payment method you must send us a new Payment Sheet. The procedure will follow the same process as with a new purchase.