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Typically as part of the turnkey CAASS delivery model all schools receive one year support and maintenance with the initial CAASS purchase. After the first year, annual support and maintenance payments are due to continue support. All CAASS customers under a support and maintenance agreement will receive unlimited world class service.

Access411 provides toll-free helpdesk support services to unify and expedite problem resolution to all schools. Schools must call Access411’s helpdesk to open a trouble ticket. The helpdesk representative will work with the caller to identify the problem and if possible to resolve the issue with them while they are on the phone. If the problem can not be resolved on the phone, and if approprite, the helpdesk representative will attempt to remotely connect to the school’s system.

Access411 will dispatch field technicians based on the criteria outline in the Helpdesk Support Policy. Schools should call Access411’s helpdesk to arrange onsite appointments. While the field technician is onsite, he/she will perform basic check-up services as well. The field technician will document the services he/she performed with a work order, get sign-off from the contact and leave a work order copy with the contact.

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